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 NameDescriptionAdoption Story
RescueRoxyRoxy is very sweet and timid. She loves her tummy rubs and cuddles. She was given to rescue because she digs out of chain link fences. She will need a backyard with block fencing. Roxy, at this time, has an adoption pending.Roxy now lives in her forever home with 2 Aussie sisters and a BC Cousin. She is training to run agility and is learning very nice housemanners.
RescueIzzyIzzy is a very sweet boy. He came into rescue because of marking issues which seem to have resolved in my pack. He loves to play fetch and will throw his toy into your lap for you to toss for hours on end if you let him. He has an adoption pending at the moment.Izzy will be living in the cool pines of Flagstaff with his two Golden Retriever brothers and the three of them will be playing ball all day, everyday.
RescueBubbaBubba is a very sweet and large boy. He needs to lose another 20 lbs. He has lost 8 lbs already. He is looking for someone who will help him do just that. He loves walks and adventures. He does need to be the only pet, as he feels he should receive all the attention.Bubba is HOME!!! Bubba's original owner, who through no fault of hers was separated from him, unknowingly, has found Bubba!!! They had been separated for over 4 months and she located him on 4/28. Bubba, who is known as Shorty at home, is now back in his home and very happy!!! Yeah for Bubba!!!
RescueSamsonSamson is a lovely boy, very quiet and playful. He gets along well with other dogs, he loves playing ball and chasing after the other dogs. He does not do well with younger children as they move too quickly for him and this scares him. Samson was adopted in Sept. 07. He now lives in Tempe with his dad, Micheal and they are a very happy team. Samson has the run of the house and gets to go on many adventures with his Dad.
RescueJackpotJackpot has one ear up and one ear down. He was a stray that was picked up in CA. He is very sweet and gets along well with other dogs and children. He is a very inquisitive and active boy. He is teaching himself to use the agility equipment.Jackpot was adopted in 7/07. His new forever home includes 2 older children, 4 other dogs, cats, horses, chickens and a very large yard. He is now a very happy boy living the life of a King.
RescueMackMack came to us as an owner turn in. He was not getting along well with the other dog in the house. He is a very inquisitive, athletic boy. He gets along fine with dogs his own size, not smaller dogs, and he loves to go running and chasing the ball.Mack is now living in Tucson and he has a new name of General Patton. He is a very handsome boy and is very happy with his new dad. He also is training and running in agility with his "Grandma Susan". Mack, now Patton has found true happiness in his forever home with Steve.
RescueHersheyHershey is a sweet little girl who came to us by way of a shelter in the Grand Canyon. Her previous owners had to move and left Hershey off at the shelter. She is a very young girl, very inquisitive and loves to learn and get loves.Hershey is now known as Molly. She is living in North Scottsdale with her new very loving family. She has captivated their hearts and has taken over. She is truly a "Princess" corgi.
RescueBaileyBailey is from Holbrook, AZ. She came to us because she doesn't like to be around children and the grandkids had to move in. She truly needs to be an only dog, as she believes she is the only dog. She is very loving to adults and a very smart girl.Bailey now lives as the Queen of her own castle in Florence, AZ. She is the only dog and loves her people very much. She enjoys traveling and being treated as the Queen she is.
RescueShelbyShelby came to us due to her propensity for "telling you how she feels" by messing in the house when she was not pleased. Shelby has been with other dogs, but would do best as an only dog.After a couple rough starts where Shelby had trouble fitting in, she finally found her perfect home in Tucson, AZ. She is thriving on all the attention she is receiving from her new Mom and Dad and her extended family.
RescueBelleBelle came to us after she lost "her person". She is a chubby little girl that needs to lose about 20 lbs. She would prefer to be an only Princess. She loves using her stairs to get up on the furniture. 
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