Vicki Combs

Hi. I am Vicki Combs, the director of AZ Cactus Corgi Rescue. I have contact with almost every corgi that comes into our care.

I personally own 6 corgis and a NAC (not a corgi) plus have various corgis in foster care at all times. Besides rescuing corgis, I train and show my own dogs in both agility and obedience. I believe every dog needs a job and one on one time with their owner. I also believe in behavior modifications for corgis who are "acting out". Every "modification" is done with positive reinforcement, praise, and low fat/low calorie treats. Each corgi that comes into our rescue leaves with a part of me. I like to tell my adopters that not only are they adopting a corgi, to become a wonderful part of their family, they are adopting me. I like to keep track of every corgi, learning of their new adventures, exploits and helping with any issues that may arise.

I firmly believe that by helping the corgis, I am fulfilling the true meaning of why I am here. I just do it to make my own corner of the world a little happier.

The legend of the corgi is that they were the steeds for the fairies. I believe they are truly a mystical, magical and oft times impish creature that makes them truly endearing.