The Welsh Corgi breed has various legends of how they came to live with "mortals". Each legend has a slightly different twist, but most all have that corgis were the "fairy steeds" in days of yore and the white collar on them is known as the "fairy harness".

One legend of how the Corgi came to live in Wales is two young children out tending the family's cattle on the king's land found a pair of puppies which they thought were little foxes. When the children took the puppies home, they were told by the men folk that the little dogs were a gift from the fairies. The "wee folk" of Welsh legend used the small dogs either to pull their carriages or as fairy steeds. As the fox-like puppies grew, they learned to help their human companions watch over the cattle, a task which was to be the duty of their Corgi descendants for many centuries to come. Should anyone doubt the truth of the legend, the present-day Welsh Corgi still bears the mark over his shoulders of the little saddle used by his fairy riders.

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